A little bit about us.

About the Federation.

The Creative Industries Federation is the independent, not-for-profit, membership organisation that connects, supports and champions all of the UK’s world-leading creative industries.

We believe that growing our creative industries can tackle regional inequalities, build communities and enable individuals to lead happier, healthier, more sociable lives, enriched through access to culture and creativity.

Through our unique network, our influential advocacy work, and our UK-wide events programme, we harness the power of imagination, uncover creative talent, connect people to investment, unlock opportunities and transform lives for the better in every community.

What are the Creative Industries?

Creativity is vital to all of us, as individuals, as communities and as a country.

The creative industries are the fastest growing part of the UK economy, growing at 5 times the rate of the UK economy as a whole and employing more than 2 million people. The UK’s creative industries are not only economically successful, but an integral part of our cultural identity.

Now, more than ever, we need to bring the creative sector together to create one strong, unified voice to ensure that we can emerge from the current crisis stronger than ever before. Our creative industries will be needed to create innovative ways we do things in the future and, whilst we don’t have all of the answers just yet, we know that creativity is the answer to shaping our collective future.

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We Need You.

We’re bringing people together to create the first cross-sector, UK-wide creative community of its kind to strengthen the sector’s collective power and voice – giving our members the chance to help to drive real change at the highest level for the whole of the UK’s creative industries.

But we are only as strong as our membership. Our vision is for the UK’s creative industries to be #1 globally; driving both national and local economic growth and creating social value in every community, and we need your support and expertise to achieve this.

The Creative Industries Federation advocates at the highest level on the issues that matter most to our creative community: policy legislation, creative careers and skills, entrepreneurship, investment and growth. Find our more about the previous work of the Federation here.

Indeed it’s crucial, now more than ever, that we remind government of the bigger picture and make the case for creative industries, demonstrating how they can power our economy forward, signposting opportunities for growth and shining a light on solutions.

So if you want to get behind our mission to unlock the power of creativity and realise our country’s potential, you understand that unity is strength and collaboration is the key to change, and you want your organisation to play an important role in the future of the creative industries and then JOIN TODAY and let’s shape our collective future, together.

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