Campaign Timeline: July 2020

Campaign Timeline

December 17, 2020

Words by Angelica Bomford

5th July 

Prime Minister announces £1.57 billion Culture Recovery Fund

Following 3 months of campaigning, driven and informed by members, and amplified through our collective connections, the Creative Industries Federation welcomes the announcement of a £1.57 billion Culture Recovery Fund for the creative industries. 

“The voice of the creative sector has been heard loud and clear by the government and we warmly welcome their response.  This investment acknowledges the mission critical role that the UK’s creative industries will play in recovery and growth in all parts of the country.” – Caroline Norbury

17th July  

“We don’t need a reset, we need a rethink”

After an extensive consultation process with our “Creative Coalition” from across the country, the Creative Industries Federation publishes A Plan to Reimagine, a publication detailing our collective vision for a creative future. 

“As we emerge from lockdown, parts of our sector can now begin the slow return to ‘business as usual’.  However, what has become more and more apparent is that ‘business as usual’ just isn’t working, and hasn’t been for a long time. We don’t need a reset, we need a rethink. Which is why we convened hundreds of our Federation members from across the country throughout June to do what creative practitioners do best: imagine. To imagine a world where creativity is placed at the heart of our culture, at the heart of our regeneration and the heart of our education system; a world where great ideas can be transformed into new realities; a world where the UK leads the globe in innovation and creativity, and in which creators are supported and valued as intrinsic parts of this process. A world which supports the key components of creativity: people, ideas and money.”

– Caroline Norbury MBE, CEO, Creative Industries Federation