Find your tribe.


We’re bringing people together to create the first cross-sector, UK-wide creative community of its kind to strengthen the sector’s collective power and voice – giving our members the chance to help to drive real change at the highest level for the whole of the UK’s creative industries. 

Our vision is for the UK’s creative industries to be #1 globally; driving both national and local economic growth and creating social value in every community. It has never been so important to use our collective voice to make real, long-lasting change, and without the input of our members, helping us to identify the real issues, these changes wouldn’t take place. 

This means that the more members who join us, the more we can accurately represent our sector; we’re not an exclusive club – the more we come together, the bigger the voice we have and the more quickly change happens.

As a member of the Creative Industries Federation, you will:

Play a crucial role in shaping our countries collective future for the creative industries

Have your voice heard. We advocate for our members at the highest level in government. We protect you and your organisation’s interests, rates and rights, and we make sure our sector is at the heart of decision-making.

Gain access to resources. From exclusive policy documents and data about the creative industries and creative economy, including best practice case studies, to industry insights.

Create connections to talent. Benefit from cross sector collaboration opportunities, and discover and connect with talent through our exclusive directory and dedicated members-only jobs board.

And much, much more. Read on to discover the right membership package for you and/or your business…