The COVID pandemic is first and foremost a health crisis, but it has increasingly morphed into an economic one that could long outlive the virus, whilst simultaneously spearheading a social revolution. We accept the urgent need for change and the need to address structural inequalities. We can now see that change is possible and if we use this moment of awakening to apply our country’s creativity to our future success, we can ensure that 2020 is a moment in history that we can look back on with pride.

Throughout June, as part of Creative Coalition, the Creative Industries Federation brought together hundreds of our members to do what creative practitioners do best: imagine. To imagine a world where creativity is placed at the heart of our culture, at the heart of our regeneration and the heart of our education system; a world where great ideas can be transformed into new realities; a world where the UK leads the globe in innovation and creativity, and in which creators are supported and valued as intrinsic parts of this process.

The result is A Plan to Reimagine; a publication detailing our collective vision for a creative future, covering everything from education, to jobs, to investment, to research and development.

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